Southeastern Thoroughbred Classic Therapy Horse Award

Supporting the hard work Therapy Horses and their Centers do every day!

The Southeastern Thoroughbred Classic will be offering a special award to recognize the hard work Thoroughbreds used in equine-assisted Therapies have to do.  It takes a special horse to handle the demands of the job with such grace and calmness.  So it's no surprise Thoroughbreds would be thriving in this career path.

We want to hear about your Thoroughbreds, their journey to life at the center and what work they are doing with your program.  Tell us how the center came to be, who are your team members and what services are offered.  What do families need to know to engage your Center and get involved in your Program?

We understand most centers are short on funds and can always use more we are hosting the Therapy Horse class via a 5 minute video submission and a special award ceremony on Saturday November 3 during the Southeastern Thoroughbred Classic.  Attendance at the Award Ceremony with the Thoroughbred entered is not a requirement to enter.  And entry in this class does not prevent the same Thoroughbred from entering other classes at the event.  Previous horses winning this award cannot be submitted again.  The organization winning this Award is not prohibited from entering with another Thoroughbred.  

Details of what is expected in the video can be found on the Rules and Class Descriptions page under Therapy Horse.  We will leverage our marketing team to promote entrants videos and their centers.  Each organization will also want to tell all their friends and family about the submission as we will open voting on the videos to the general public on October 1 and close it on October 15.  So the more people you can get to vote for your Thoroughbred the better chance you have of winning the Therapy Horse Award.  We will notify the top 6 placings so they can choose how to attend the special ceremony, but we will not announce the winner until Saturday November 3. 

While having the Therapy horses present would be ideal, we understand it may not be financially or physically feasible.  A representative for the organization should plan to be present to accept awards. Again, we understand there may be a need to have a proxy accept the award on behalf of the horse and the Center.  

Each horse and it's respective Center entered in this class will receive a special award regardless of placing.

Scroll down for quick links to important information as it relates to the Therapy Horse Award.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us at


Read The Rules

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Jump to the Rules and Class Description page to see if this class is a fit for your Thoroughbred and program.  We are always here to answer questions.

Get Entered

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Jump to our entry form.  

Showcase Your Center

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Showcase your Equine-Assisted Therapy Center in our Vendor Fair, advertise with us in our official program or pick a package that suits your budget.  Several options available with a special discount for Therapy Centers.

Sponsorship Opportunities

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Interested in sponsoring this class? Contact us to discuss sponsorship packages.  Custom packages available for every budget.

See WHO is entered

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See who has entered their center and which horse.  Don't see your center here?  Send them a note and tell them to enter!


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Voting for the Therapy Horse Award will open October 1 and close October 15.  Stay tuned for updates!  In the meantime, see who has entered.


So how do you get your Therapy Horse Entered?

STEP 1 - Complete an Entry Form Online (CLICK HERE

STEP 2 - Bookmark this page and LIKE us on Facebook or Instagram to keep up to date.

STEP 3 - Watch your email for directions on uploading your video submission.  It should arrive within 24 to 48 hours.  

STEP 4 - Upload your video to the location provided in the email.  It is due by September 15.

STEP 5 - Tell all your clients, friends, family, local news about your entry.  The more people voting for you the better your chances of winning!


Prior to July 31 - Entry Fee = $25

August 1 to August 14 - Entry Fee = $30

August 15 to August 30 - Entry Fee = $40

September 1 to September 15 - Entry Fee = $50

September 15, 2018 is the Closing Date for Submissions.  Acceptance of entries after the Closing Date is at the discretion of Show Management.  A Late Fee of $20 would be due if entry is accepted.


September 15 - Final day to submit videos.

October 1 - Voting opens

October 15 - Voting closes

November 3 - Awards Ceremony at GA International Horse Park in Conyers, GA


Do we have to pay a Stabling or Ship-In Fee?  Only if you plan to bring the horse to compete in other classes or attend the award ceremony.  An email will be sent after voting closes to entries to determine if you wish to bring the horse to the Event.

Do we have to sign the Riders Release Forms?  Only if you plan to compete the horse in a class other than the Therapy Horse class or bring the horse to the awards ceremony.

Do we have to mail a Coggins with the entry?  Only if you plan to compete the horse in a class other than the Therapy Horse class or bring the horse to the awards ceremony.

Entry Status